This blog is about science and domesticity. ‘Tea and stars’ comes from John Herschel’s South African diaries where he used to describe visitors to the family home as coming ‘for tea and stars’ when they came to see the family and look through telescopes.

My aim in this is blog is to try and create a satisfactory case in my own mind for why history of science might be useful and worthwhile. In essence it is an attempt to justify my entire post graduate education and career to date. Scientists for a long time, for even longer than they’ve been called scientists in fact, have made and articulated a case for their own usefulness. Less, as far as I am aware has been said on why society might need historians of science.

My feeling is that at least part of the point of history of science (and this also goes for science museums, documentaries etc) is to find and relate interesting stories that resonate and help us reflect on our own lives. With that in mind, I will also be using this blog as a means of finding and telling some of those stories.


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